SPARK Innovation

Identifying Meaningful Insights To Drive Growth

Success and growth happens when there is trust, credibility and engagement between businesses and their customers. SPARK helps businesses build essential elements by establishing their brand personality and essence across multiple communication platforms with insights, messaging and positioning that commands attention.


SPARK’s proprietary insight development and research process works to crystalize your thinking.  By combining differentiated and meaningful insights with precise identification of targets and the unique capabilities of your brand, SPARK finds the messaging that matters to your customers and partners. In addition to planning and facilitating workshops and research, SPARK designs, conducts and moderates market research.  Developing an engaging, authoritative and brand-appropriate voice across channels builds visibility and brand loyalty, interest, and ultimately, revenue for your business.

SPARK helps clients demonstrate their expertise and generate positive results:

Innovation Workshops

Customized Qualitative Research

Audience Identification

Insight Development

Focus Group Design and Moderation

Creation of Breakthrough Messaging

Positioning Development

Strategic Advisory Services