SPARK Strategic Partnerships

Accelerate Growth the Right Partnerships

Creating Efficient Opportunities To Grow

The old adage, “if we build it, they will come”, does not really hold true in many business environments.  The challenge is finding ways to ensure that customers will want what you are offering.  SPARK believes that partnerships can efficiently position a company for growth.  By identifying and creating relationships for customers, SPARK helps businesses achieve their goals effectively and profitably.  Whether the challenge is finding customers, finding funding, finding strategic suppliers or finding creative services, SPARK uses its broad network of established relationships to accelerate the growth process.  With business objectives in mind, SPARK identifies, negotiates and often manages those relationships on behalf of clients.

SPARK specializes in establishing strategically beneficial business relationships:

Development of “Win-Win” Criteria

Competitive Analysis

Identification of Potential Partners

Negotiation of Terms

Relationship Management

Due Dilligence