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SPARK Solutions for Growth provides strategic, pragmatic, customized consulting services for achieving your business growth goals. Find out how SPARK can identify driving insights, generate awareness, motivate customers, deepen loyalty, leverage new channels and ignite profitable growth!


SPARK Solutions for Growth is a provider of choice for business leaders, from the VP level to C-Suite executives, who have hit a roadblock or believe they need a catalyst. Often business as usual is no longer sufficient to achieve required results, or companies are finding it challenging to find the right messaging, the sufficient funding or access to channels for growth.

SPARK Solutions for Growth develops customized processes and solutions, incorporating the organization’s 25 years of experience successfully building Fortune 500 brands and businesses as well as funded startups.

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SPARK Growth Strategies

Develop growth strategies with actionable steps and measurable milestones for realizing the success you envision for your business. More >

SPARK Strategic Partnerships

Identify and connect with business partners, both internal and external, who can help grow your business strategically, financially and efficiently. More >

SPARK Innovation

Demonstrate your expertise by creating a voice or brand point of view that educates and motivates your customers, partners and teams. More >

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Rachel Braun Scherl has given presentations to my students - based on positioning and advertising strategies for an OTC product. Rachel did a fabulous job. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, empathetic and very funny! In other words, she approaches this with the natural skills and energy of a great teacher as well as an astute marketer and business manager. She held the rapt interest of my students (no small feat at the end of an eight hour Saturday session—especially as the students kept Rachel later than we planned, meaning that the class went substantially overtime). She had every one of them eagerly contributing to the discussion and learning deeply by applying examples to the strategic concepts being taught. I recommend Rachel as a truly outstanding speaker, able to adapt to differences in audiences and topics with grace and substance.

Ann Huser Professor in the MBA and Executive MBA programs at Fairleigh Dickinson University Silberman College of Business

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SPARK works with a range of organizations, including startups and Fortune 500 companies.