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With a natural talent for building relationships, Rachel is passionate about engaging and energizing people. She brings creative, dynamic and unique presentations to the stage.


While inspiring her audiences with life stories from the trenches of entrepreneurship and business growth, Rachel delivers with wit, wrapped in humor, and polished with professionalism, leaving her audiences motivated and charged to as she puts it “getting stuff done.”

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Rachel Braun Scherl is a Global Keynote Speaker on Entrepreneurship and Female Leadership. In her “Rachel Talks” series, she delivers proven business-building strategies for female health and beauty consumer companies. She threads in her own story of building her first female sexual health company and the challenges she faced and overcame which have marked her success as a “Vagipreneur” today.

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Being an entrepreneur requires more drive, energy and endurance than Rachel believes some people are aware of — it was certainly eye-opening for her. Based on her experiences, Rachel focuses on helping leaders set and meet aspirational, yet achievable expectations as to what entrepreneurs need to do to build a successful business. She shares motivating examples from her client work as well as some of her favorite movies demonstrating the skills needed to reach the finish line. Rachel introduces specific examples of challenges she faced when she felt she was “running on empty” and what tools she recommends to recover, re-energize, and get back in the game.


Business leaders need to spend concerted effort figuring out how they want to communicate their vision and demonstrate their leadership approach. Rachel provides some specific tools to help leaders think about how to develop their own vision, their own voice and how to find it, build it and embrace it. Through humor and observations, Rachel shares proven tools to build, challenge, and expand one’s approach to business. Rachel focuses on real life examples — from her own life (ones that worked and could be improved), to actual business situations and cultural references — to highlight how and where leaders can find their own voice.


When embarking on starting a business or growing a business, it is critical to ask oneself a number of questions that really require thought and attention – as much focus and analysis as identifying the business itself. Rachel raises important questions in the areas of identifying partners, product/business categories, target customers, business model and financing. In an interactive format, Rachel provides insights on key strategic questions that entrepreneurs must be ready to answer.


Being a successful female leader is growing a successful business. Business success is easier if you understand the realities of the situations you are likely to encounter. As a female entrepreneur, Rachel has faced some specific challenges from funders, strategic partners, and boards. These experiences are not unique and require awareness of them as well as the skills to respond to some of the most common situations.  This seminar will enable the audience to answer many key questions on how to grow brands and businesses in the context of some realities that female entrepreneurs face.  The content builds extensively on Rachel’s decades of experience running businesses, raising money, founding companies and consulting to Fortune 500 companies.


Rachel Braun Scherl has given presentations to my students - based on positioning and advertising strategies for an OTC product. Rachel did a fabulous job. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, empathetic and very funny! In other words, she approaches this with the natural skills and energy of a great teacher as well as an astute marketer and business manager. She held the rapt interest of my students (no small feat at the end of an eight hour Saturday session—especially as the students kept Rachel later than we planned, meaning that the class went substantially overtime). She had every one of them eagerly contributing to the discussion and learning deeply by applying examples to the strategic concepts being taught. I recommend Rachel as a truly outstanding speaker, able to adapt to differences in audiences and topics with grace and substance.

Ann Huser Professor in the MBA and Executive MBA programs at Fairleigh Dickinson University Silberman College of Business

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