Rachel Braun Scherl has given presentations to my students - based on positioning and advertising strategies for an OTC product. Rachel did a fabulous job. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, empathetic and very funny! In other words, she approaches this with the natural skills and energy of a great teacher as well as an astute marketer and business manager. She held the rapt interest of my students (no small feat at the end of an eight hour Saturday session—especially as the students kept Rachel later than we planned, meaning that the class went substantially overtime). She had every one of them eagerly contributing to the discussion and learning deeply by applying examples to the strategic concepts being taught. I recommend Rachel as a truly outstanding speaker, able to adapt to differences in audiences and topics with grace and substance.

Ann Huser Professor in the MBA and Executive MBA programs at Fairleigh Dickinson University Silberman College of Business September 19, 2017

I found hearing from our speaker, Rachel Braun Scherl, so very rewarding and  interesting. What an incredible woman! What really stuck out to me the most about her was her vivaciousness and passion for her work. Rachel made it crystal clear the difference that it makes to work in a job that you love and really have a passion for.  It really means so much more when you accomplish something you love.

Grace T. Student, Duke University September 19, 2017

I am a professional networker and marketer. I make my living on reading people and connecting them to build their businesses and mine. Rachel has been a critical growth engine for my business. She has a knack for building relationships, energizing people and "getting stuff done." I have invited Rachel to speak on behalf of a number of my clients. I will never forget the reaction she elicited at The Harvard Club in NYC. If the folks in that audience could have jumped up and stormed the podium in excitement, they would have.

Trish Rubin Founder, Trish Rubin Ltd., Brand Consultant/ Marketing Instructor @ Baruch College/ Author/ Speaker September 19, 2017

I originally met Rachel when she spoke at a Duke community in NYC focusing on entrepreneurship business building. Her style is engaging and motivating; her dynamic conversation and generates terrific audience participation. We had such a terrific response from our members to Rachel's presentation, her availability to answer questions and the quality of her information. After the event, we enthusiastically asked Rachel to be on our governing board on which she has served effectively for many years.

Sarah Rosen Former Co-chair, Duke NY Women's Forum, Managing Director, Women's Association of New Jersey Performing Arts Center September 19, 2017

I have been in the business of building direct-to-consumer businesses for decades. An entrepreneur has to be able to put a team together, so that they are focused single-mindedly on the business objectives and ROI. Rachel can "pump up" the troops, get them focused, get them laughing and get things done!

Fern Lee CEO and Direct Response Expert, THOR Associates September 19, 2017

I have worked with celebrities and business people for decades. I have never seen a speaker who can light up an audience, the media or a journalist, connect with them and motivate them the way that Rachel does. She is a unique combination of experience, professionalism, authenticity, and humor.  She is one in a million.

Diane Terman President and Founder, Diane Terman Public Relations September 19, 2017

Rachel Braun Scherl is a superstar Duke alum who served on our Innovation & Entrepreneurship Task Force (led the curriculum committee and really changed the course of our focus at Duke, especially for undergraduate students), is a favorite speaker about entrepreneurship and women in leadership (voted the best speaker in the Duke in Silicon Valley program), and a successful entrepreneur.

Kimberly Jenkins Serial Entrepreneur, Former Program Director of Duke in Silicon Valley, Visiting professor and Trustee Emeritus of Duke University. September 19, 2017

Rachel Braun Scherl is the real deal. I am a Career Services Manager at the NCJW Center for Women, our mission is to assist women who are in a transition, find their voice, whether that be to find a job or start their own business.As part of my job responsibilities, I bring in local employers, career coaches, and life coaches to lend their expertise to my clients. Rachel's presentation to my clients was spot on; she was able to reach a wide spectrum of the audience while still staying true to herself. Her presentation on Finding your Leadership voice rang true for many of my clients. The presentation was fast paced, and interactive and created a wonderful dialogue for my clients to think about. If you need a speaker, call Rachel.

Patty Kremen Career Services Manager at NCJW/Essex Center for Women November 18, 2017

Rachel is a terrific, inspiring and entertaining speaker who is able to connect with all kinds of audiences with her humor and substance. She speaks from a wealth of impressive experience which gives her high credibility on issues such as entrepreneurship, innovation in business, and women in leadership.

Kimberly Reed kimzbish@yahoo.com November 18, 2017

Rachel impressed me with her keynote at the Startup Expo inaugural conference in Fort Lauderdale! She was both insightful and entertaining, and she turned the story of her journey as an entrepreneur into useful advice for everyone in the room. I recommend connecting with her when you need clever strategies to push your business forward.

Mike Lingle Entrepreneur, Mentor November 18, 2017

Rachel captivated me with her opening keynote at Sup-X 2017 in Fort Lauderdale and provided a warm, respectful and witty perspective of successfully fundraising as a woman in Silicon Valley for a women's sexual health product. Rachel is a role model for me as a developing entrepreneur and for new companies and investors looking to diversify their thinking. Because Rachel kept the focus on how she pivoted and learned quickly in the conversations she had with investors, everyone in the audience seemed to have an opportunity to relate and engage with her presentation.

Stephanie George CFO at DigiProMedia LLC November 18, 2017

Rachel, it was great to hear Rachel present at the SUP-X startup conference in Fort Lauderdale. She had great insight for entrepreneurs to realize they won't always know their pain points or hurdles ahead, but to always find a way to overcome them to succeed through creative marketing or pivoting. 

Mike Penrod Entrepreneur, Food, Beverage, Technology & Marketing Expert. Amazing New Tech Startup "101" November 18, 2017

Rachel is an unusually capable strategist and marketing expert whom I have had the pleasure of working with for 20 years. Rachel has consistently added value and provided tangible recommendations that positively impacted my businesses. With keen skin and consumer understanding, Rachel hits the ground running with all that I have demanded of her.

Philippe Schaison Senior Executive, Member Board of Directors at Sientra, Inc., SENTE, HEC Paris, Former President US Medical, Allergan November 18, 2017

I had the opportunity to have Rachel speak at a recent leadership conference that I founded and run. Rachel was outstanding. Most of all, the women in the room benefited from her every word. I strongly recommend Rachel for any audience that you want to motivate and educate!!!

Andrea March Co-Founder at Women November 20, 2017

Rachel has been a valued member of our Innovation and Entrepreneurship community here at Duke.  Recently, Rachel conducted a webinar for the business school alumni community about how to access the resources available through the network.  Her style is instructive, approachable and useful.  The response was terrific.  Alumni continue to reach out to work with and learn from Rachel.

Fiona Behm Program Manager MMS & MQM Career Services, Duke University's Fuqua School of Business November 21, 2017

Rachel served as a panelist for the 2017 Hygienix Conference,  by INDA (Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry), focusing on the universe of folks focused in feminine hygiene, menstruation and  incontinence.

We pride ourselves on bringing meaningful and educational content to our attendees, participants and sponsors.  And Rachel did not disappoint!!  You could hear and feel the energy and interest in the packed auditorium during Rachel’s presentation on trends, insights and companies that are changing the female health landscape.  I am absolutely a new member of her fan club!!  We absolutely will work with her again.  In fact, we can’t wait for her book, Orgasmic Leadership, to be available to our members.

Deanna Lovell Education Manager, INDA January 3, 2018

Rachel gave a presentation on leadership to our Women's group, and she brought a refreshing dose of reality, humor and inspiration in her remarks. She shares practical tips for effectively identifying and developing a leadership brand while simultaneously inspiring and entertaining her audience!

Sarah Blomquist April 23, 2018

Rachel offers a fantastic experience - let me add my rave review to what is undoubtedly a huge stack of rave reviews.  She's simultaneously relatable and inspirational, genuine and knowledgeable.  Plus she's riot even when talking about women's health and some pretty serious issues. We learned so much from her talk!

Bobbie Carlton December 7, 2018