Orgasmic Leadership Ch. 1 -Legalize V


Orgasmic Leadership Ch. 1 -Legalize V

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Since I have been a VAGIPRENEUR™, I have had some really good days and really bad ones. The bad ones included the days when 99% of the media outlets wouldn’t take our ads for our arousal product, or Facebook threw us off in violation of their astoundingly inconsistent policies. The bad days, however, make the good days sweeter – articles in the NY TimesWhoopi talking about it on The View and a segment on Nightline.

And every day that I speak to an entrepreneur for my book, Orgasmic Leadership™:People Who Are Creating Positive Change in Female Sexual Health, Women’s Health and Wellness Against the Odds, is a good day. I am inspired by the hard-fought victories they achieve and pained by the body blows they have to overcome. Being in the business of female sexual health is not for the faint of heart, nor for those who discourage easily or are unwilling to fight City Hall. Leaders in the female sexual health and wellness field have to bring the strength of Hercules, the endurance of a tri-athlete, and the thick skin of a rhinoceros. And from that superhuman combination are birthed some brilliant, creative, business-transforming ideas.

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