Bloomberg Equality Summit Recap

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Bloomberg Equality Summit Recap

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John F. Kennedy said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”  And that certainly felt true at the Bloomberg Equality Summit late last month.  The summit brought together leaders in finance, industry, the arts, politics, social entrepreneurship, education and media to name a few.  The learning was intense, interesting and at times, inspiring.  Over the 2 days, I captured some tidbits on leadership, learning, equality, diversity and inclusion – starting with my favorite.  Apologies in advance for any paraphrasing.

  • Misogyny is an invisible sport;
  • It is good economics to bring in a diverse group of attitudes and perspectives;
  • Change can only happen if the CEO is totally invested in the change he/she wants to see;
  • Success is doing a better job of funneling the most talented people into the system;
  • Businesses are not doing their best if they continue to promulgate the white, male unearned advantage;

Interesting stuff – all in a day’s work.

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