My #BRANDYOU Talk: Full Video


My #BRANDYOU Talk: Full Video

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I have been meaning to share the amazing experience I had at the inaugural #BRANDYOU conference, run by Jasmine Sandler and her team at JS Media on Social Branding and Thought-Leadership development at Wells Fargo in Manhattan this past November.

Now that the JS Media team is planning their 2020 #BRANDYOU2 (in Hawaii) it is time I let my readers know what they may have missed and can expect next year!

In my panel, I had the great opportunity to speak alongside leaders in various industries, from broadcasting (@TamsenFadal) to influencers and entrepreneurs (@petershankman and @soniassatra.  And what an amazing and inspiring learning experience.  I learned something new from everyone there and was energized by the dialogue. Personal branding comes with a sense of ownership and tons of courage – courage to take the leap, to believe in yourself and to share your relevance with others.

The courage from the folks at BrandYou was contagious: students from Berklee Graduate Business program and Fordham Graduate Business Program, executives from The Madison Square Garden Corporation and a dynamic group of Female Executives and Female Entrepreneurs from Vermillion Talent could all sense it in the room. 

As an #OrgasmicLeader, I was able to share the trials and tribulations I’ve experienced in my Female Health and Wellness crusade, as well as learn from all my co-presenters’ toolboxes. Here’s a snippet of what Raoul Davis, Jack McAdoo and I talked about :

To get on the waitlist for #BRANDYOU 2020 head over the the site . You never know – you could even win a trip to Hawaii in the process!

If you want to see more of my talks, check out my Media area here or if you have any questions at all for me on what SPARK provides in growth consulting , reach out to me directly.