NYC: Innovate with Women of SexTech

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NYC: Innovate with Women of SexTech

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There were many inspirational rockstars lighting up Jersey City last week including Holly Richmond, Michelle Hope, Estrella Jaramillo, Suzanne Sinatra, Polly Rodriguez, Bryony Cole and Cindy Gallop.

Both Polly Rodriguez from Unbound and Cindy Gallop from Makelovenotporn were featured in my recently published book, Orgasmic Leadership:  Profiting from the Coming Surge in Women’s Sexual Health and Wellness.  Their amazing journeys coupled with the others resulted in an event that was a  vagipreneurial wonderland.

All of these leaders communicated the need for a design a makeover of customer, talent, mobility and operations initiatives for a digitalized world that provides solutions for sexual and reproductive health. These wonderful folks are the #WomenofSexTech who will change the world.